Cheval Mirror Ideas

Apr 7th

Cheval mirror on hand is helpful for many reasons: You can control your appearance for irregularities throughout the day, look at the back of yourself when facing a larger mirror or subtly check what’s happening behind you without even turning your head . You can create your own custom version to carry with you all the time. Enrich your finished mirror with a small image or painting on the backside, or make several in different colors to match other accessories. You can buy mirrors in furniture stores, antique stores or hardware stores, but some mirrors are better than others. This article will help you find the mirror that you like and need.

Unusual Cheval Mirror
Unusual Cheval Mirror


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Place cheval mirror over a soft yet flat surface. Set the circle cutter in the center of the mirror. Pull out the moving part of the blade arm to a 1 1/2 inch diameter mark. Turn the cutting arm in a full circle without scoring the test for obstacles. Apply even pressure to the end of the screen arm while rotating it again, this time scoring a circle in the mirror. Rotate the screen arm several times to get even, deep points. Turn the mirror over and apply gentle but firm pressure on the back center of the mirror, if the circle does not separate from the mirror easily, rescore and try again. Draw a perfect circle with a 1 3/4 “radius on plywood, using the compass. Cut the circle with your scroll saw; this may take some effort to get right, so extra plywood is available.

Paint both sides and edges on the plywood circle. Allow the plywood to dry before proceeding. Attach the cheval mirror to one side of the plywood circle, in its center, using building glue. Let the glue completely cure, a process that takes at least one day. Dip small brush into crafts paste. Cut out about 10 inches of pipelines. Line the edge of your mirror with glue, and then start applying the pipe system, inch to inch; the pipeline will increase your mirror appearance and protect you from its sharp edges. Stop gluing the tubes when you have about one inch of mirror edge to the left, so you can trim the excess. Finish place pipes and hold the pipe while it dries.

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