Create Best Antiqued Mirror

Mar 23rd

Antiqued mirror that look old are very coveted. The unique look of the aged and worn silver cup adds a touch of antique and vintage charm to the two traditional and modern settings. Antique looking mirrors can be extremely expensive when purchased through interior designer and in antique stores. Create the appearance by using some painting techniques and simple tricks. Ideas for create antiqued mirror, purchase gloves resistant to heavy chemicals and safety glasses. Choose a well ventilated work area such as a basement or outdoors. Have a blowing fan to increase circulation. Remove any cardboard or support paper from the mirror.

Stylish Antiqued Mirror
Stylish Antiqued Mirror

Then for create best antiqued mirror, place the mirror on a flat surface. Make sure the surface is soft use old towels or blankets so the mirror does not scratch. Wear gloves and mask. Pour paint separator over the mirror on the back of the mirror. Let the solution settle. Gently scratch the backing paint to see if it has begun to dissolve with a plastic spatula. Remember to give the separator time to work; the solution can be left in the mirror during the night. Wrap the plastic mirror, without touching the solution, to avoid paint stripper evaporate. Continue to test the solution to see if the paint is coming off.

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Look to see what color is under the paint. If the copper is visible, use a copper remover for the dissolution of the layer. Buy copper remover at your local hardware store. Apply the solution to a cotton ball and clean the mirror the cotton ball should appear blue, indicating that the copper is being removed. Add silver remover by adding splash drops and stains on the back of the mirror use a sea sponge, old toothbrush or simply pour the solution over the mirror. Let stand for several minutes for the silver to dissolve properly. Continue mirror of anguish until the desired appearance is achieved. Rinse antiqued mirror when it is finished distressing and let dry.

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