Ghost Chairs Ideas

Apr 7th

Ghost chairs are made of large plastic slats and usually sit low on the ground. They fit well on the patios and decks and are often seen on the beach or at the pool. If you have an old wooden barrel, you can make your own Adirondack-style chair for a fraction of the cost of the genuine product. Turn the pipe upside down and drain any remaining wood or solid remains. Pour water into the barrel and place the drum in the sun. Allow the water to evaporate for up to a week. If any water remains after a week, turn the cylinder upside down and allow it to drain for 24 hours. Remove the bottom of the bar using a saw. Drag metal sticks outside the pipe.

Visual Ghost Chairs
Visual Ghost Chairs


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Ghost chairs must be detached from the pipe without the need for additional tools. Use the saw to cut a large piece of the upper part of the cylinder to make a square backing. This backing should be about two feet with two feet. Cut the bottom of the barrel into strips. Cut the remaining part of the pipe into strips. These strips should be about three feet with six inches. Place two of these bands across the square back, on the top and bottom of the back. Attach these strips to the back with a nail. Put the nails in the back piece so that the sharp end of the nails extends through the strips.

Nail a piece of wood on the back that extends to the ground. This will be a leg and it should expel two to three inches from the pipe. Nail another, as large piece of wood on the other side of the back for the other leg. Attach the seat to the backrest. The flat side of this plank is parallel to the ground. Nail this plank to the backrest. Nail another plank on the other side of the backrest. Sand the ghost chairs with a medium of sandpaper. Spray a wood paint on the chair and allow it to dry for 4 hours.

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