Types of Billiard Tables Based on the Make

Apr 8th

Billiard Tables – Billiards is one of the popular games that have been around for years. Many pool enthusiasts want to have their own desks at home to spend time with family and friends playing their favorite games. Someone should choose a pool/pool table properly to get the best out of the game. Today, a wide variety of billiard/pool tables, designed to meet the needs of different individuals/groups, are available in the market. You can make better purchasing decisions if you have knowledge (at least basic) about them.

Billiard Tables Sydney
Billiard Tables Sydney

In this article, we try to give you some basic information about different type’s billiard tables separated by brand, material, and mechanism. Basically, there are two types of pool tables used for playing billiards. They are a British pool table and an American pool table. English pool tables – British pool tables are usually 6 to 7 feet long and are mostly used in clubs and pubs. The ball on this table is small in size between 1.5-2 inches and so is the pocket. Open center pockets allow the player to shake even from a tighter angle, while the corner pocket or ‘jaw’ is narrow. American billiards table – Compared to English tables, American tables are larger, typically 7 to 9.5 meters. Even the ball and pockets are large; they can easily accommodate a 2 by 2-inch ball.

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Unlike jaws on the English table, the jaws here are wide so it is easy to play a shot along the pillow. The part bags do not open, supporting the straight cut style and not the angle image. The playing surface located under billiard board cloth commonly referred to as ‘the bed’, is the main component that determines the playback and precision of the game. Different materials are used to make these beds, based on which the cost and durability of the table variable. Slate bed tables – billiard tables are made of thick blackboards that vary from 19mm to 30mm thick. Bunkbed bedding is used on larger and expensive tables that sometimes accommodate 2-3 beds.

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