White Slipcovered Sofa

Mar 21st

Slipcovered sofa in this post, I’m going to address why I bought a white sofa, how I keep my sofa clean with kids and pets, and how the sofa is holding up since my purchase a few years ago. I’m going to break down what went through my mind when I finally made the splurge on buying my white slipcovered sofa. As you guys know, I am drawn to whites, creams and neutrals in my home decor palette. I’m obsessed with the modern farmhouse style. I love how a slipcovered sofa provides a foundation for endless options to throw colorful pillows to match whatever season or mood I’m in.

Water Proof Slipcovered Sofa
Water Proof Slipcovered Sofa

Color of the Sofa

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I have always been told that when you have small kids, you would need to buy a slipcovered sofa that had darker color and texture in order to hide the dirt and gunk that comes with having a “lived in” sofa. That was terrible news to hear. If you step back to think about it, telling me that the sofa color would hide dirt and grime, well that’s kind of gross. Okay, I get you can vacuum your sofa or get it professionally cleaned, but who has time for that? In addition, I can’t imagine settling for a different color when I REALLY wanted white.

If I would have gotten any other color, I think I would have regretted it every single day and would resent myself for settling every time I saw it. I know, I’m ridiculous, it’s just a couch. I get it. However, I saw that some of my most favorite bloggers had white sofas that had younger children and actually had a “lived in” home! They showed how their kids spilled everything, and they managed to get it out with a little treatment and bleach. Sounds like a win-win to me.  The ability to take off the cover and throw it in a wash was a huge bonus for me. That alone convinced me that slipcovered sofa was the way to go for our little family!

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